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Don't FUCKING stress.

A term used frequently by failing students during the summer time.

Usually in relation to coursework/exams/ deadlines.
Future lawyer: Oh Lord I have five papers due by Friday, i'm going to die...

Future pimp: dFs man...
by MAGAV! (woof) March 07, 2009
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DFS = Dating For Sport

Lots of FWB (friends with benefits), no commitments,where winning means you've scored in the bedroom.
"Hey, Jimmy, are you still DFS or are you looking for 'the one'?"
by Love Linguist April 01, 2010
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yo wanna play a round of golf on saturday? no way bro i'm exhausted after this weeekend gonna stay home with my girl and dfs
by hohmie September 06, 2017
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A dirty fucking slut or commonly known as a DFS is a female who looks dirty and slutty, but who'd you'd oddly enough still want to hit that
Sarah is such a DFS.
I know, 10/10 would bang.
by Theo3814 August 18, 2016
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