Slang for cybersex. Used commonly on message boards and in video games in the in-game chat channels.
Falti: My screen name is Falti6969 if u want to chat...sometimes i have it on on my phone u can message me.
Wyso: OMG i need to install AIM so i can cybor with you 24/7!!
by falo030 September 26, 2006
Taking short or long term break(s) from everything internet (esp from social network's #SN).
Friend: "Hey? I haven't seen you post on the media in a while. How you been?"
You: "Thanks. I been ok. I just been off my device & taking a break off it. Basically living Cybor Hiber"
Friend:"What does that means"?
You:"Well.., Cybor is everything internet & Hiber is short for Hibernation like the bears"
it is when you are online and still are bored.
you are at work and have nothing to do. you get online in to your favorite websites, but deep inside you are still bored. you post to your status or tweet "im cybored"
by mase_sher February 3, 2011