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Through the use of the internet or other digital media, expose to mass or group public derision, ridicule, harrassment, or abuse ; commonly stemming from a perceived slight, insult, or failure to adhere to social norms, in public or the Internet. Akin to stoning in realspace, but without the stones and violence.
A woman in Japan brings her dog with her on the subway. The dog poops in the subway train, in front of witnesses, and the woman leaves it behind and departs the train. One of the witnesses takes a digital photo of the dog and his business, along with said dog owner, and posts it on the web. The story spreads, and eventually, the woman gets identified. Thousands of outraged Japanese proceed to pillory her, harrassing her with emails, blog posts, and find other ways of cyberstoning her for letting her dog poo on the train.
by Eric Lausten October 11, 2007
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