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The bane of every teenager's life

A piece of software that is blocks out all content over the internet it deems offensive. Social sites such as are blocked as they are "Dangerous"
Admirable on paper, but the software falls to bits in practise, as innocuous words are blocked without explanation, "Marriage", "ha'te" etc, whilst it chooses not to block "illegal and dagerous satanic fundamentalist cults that encourages repatriotism and random massacres of women and children"

Software currently installed on the computer I am now typing on

The software can even be tailored so that any feminine-sounding name can be blocked out. Political correctness gone MAAAAD I'm sure you'll agree.

words blocked out

and some that aren't....
John: "I think I'll research the causes of b'reast cancer for my homework assignment"
Cybersitter-enabled PC: "owned!"
John: "Sh!it. Man this software sucks"
by chrismoore@home November 20, 2006
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A piece of spyware capable of recording passwords and other personal information secretly for use by criminals. It is disguised as "parental control software" for legal reasons. Competes with NETNanny and a few other apps which do similar tasks.
Criminal 1: It's so difficult to get peoples bank account information these days, what should we do?
Criminal 2: Don't worry about it, I just set up CYBERsitter on a few library computers, now all we have to do is plug in the included SnoopSticks to my PC and we can get everyone's bank account information in less then 60 seconds!
Criminal 1: Wow! It really is worth the $39.95 it costs!
Criminal 2: I know! Tomorrow I'm going to set it up on my rich friends computer so I can get his bank account information too! See there really are companies that help us criminals!
by Justingraziano July 19, 2008
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