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When a person is not considered dateable because they're too cute to ever be looked at in a sexual way. Worse than the friendzone, but similar to the younger brotherzone or sisterzone. Typically occurs with short and attractive people, on first dates, or irreversible cases of friendzoning. Once you're cutezoned, you've reached the point of no return.
Short hot guy: *calls friend crying* "JOhN "

John: " What, Josh??"

Josh: " Laina, the girl I liked? She cute-zoned me. It was hard enough when she friendzoned me. HOW AM I EVER GOING TO FIND A GIRL WHO WANTS TO GET IN MY PANTS"

Sarah : "Guess what? Remember Derek?"

Kamryn: "Yeah, the really hot one?"

Sarah: "He fucking cute-zoned me. Said I reminded him of his ten year old sister. Adorable, sweet, and super cute. I basically got sisterzoned"
by toocuteforlife November 04, 2013
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