Instance of the phrase "click here", in which the letters "c" and "l" are placed with little or no space apart by the font, thereby forming a "d". Particularly fitting for pornographic pop-up adverts.
dick here for barely legal girl-on-girl action!
by eidako December 8, 2003
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very versatile word depending how the person says it ,can mean 'astonishment' 'cursing' generally an OMG word
how you say it and and situation governs the word, people say dick 'ere, but more likely its dick here
dick 'ere, look whos at the door

dordy dordy the bag has split missus ,dick 'ere pick it up
sorry sir ive just hit your car, oh no, dick here, Angela he has bumped the motor
by JONTERRIES June 20, 2021
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