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noun- he comes by night. stealthy. steals leftover curry from conservative indian households and leaves his traditional mark, a vagina with 4 legs. he also has the tendency to wear tight fitted black hoodies, because they make him look cool. He wears his favorite "Hanes" underwear which are boxer/briefs for his comfort for the best curry stealing he can do. The ringleader of this clan has been seen in southern California namely the palos verdes peninsula area. The ultimate curry bandit is also known by many as sun-king.

The myths go as follows: he has no penis, he is frail and helpless, many have sworn to have heard him make moaning calls before he strikes. If you spot a curry bandit flee the scene immediately.

you can always tell if you see a curry bandit because he is of very dark complexion and will only eat with his right hand. watch out for his driving, he has been known to get into frequent accidents, but then again this might just be subject to the fact that he is an asian driver*.

*while this is a stereotype, its true, so deal with it.
Guy 1: Dood, the curry bandit hit my house up last night.
Guy 2: How do you know, did he leave his calling card?
Guy 1: Yeah, and he was wearing a tight black hoodie.
Guy 2: Does he think he is cool, or something?
by curry bandit victim September 13, 2009
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