The embarrassing and nubish act of doing biceps curls, while standing in a squat rack. This is pure whitebread.

The squat rack is the only place in the gym one can specifically do squats, as the rack serves as the spot / safety.
However standing bicep curls can be done practically anywhere. Thus to do curls in the squat rack not only reveals one's own know-nothing idiocy, it takes up a station that could properly be used by a legit gym goer.

The sort of thing you'd see at Planet Fitness or your average community rec center. Done by people who get their training advice from Dr Oz.
I was going to break my PR in front skwats today, but that scrawny noob over there is hogging the equipment and doing curls in the squat rack!
by Too Many Drones May 6, 2020
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When someone of inferior intelligence trains biceps where legs should be trained
That guys doing curls in the squat rack, yep he's a cunt
by Jining November 18, 2013
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