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Someone who raids womens Vaginas looking for treasure, or just for pleasure.
I took Sidney in the Hotel room hit and Cuntpirated her. It was so gnarly.
by Dirty Sick Ninja March 20, 2008
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A cunt, Commonly known as a vagina, pussy, beaver, etc
a pirate- Someone who steals things.. well you should know what a pirate is.

Well Cunt pirate- Known to me as many things:

One: A lesbian whore.
two: Just a total douche bag that no one likes.
three: Anyone who judges people on there appearance.
Bob: Sally had sex with that chick she met at the bar last night

George: WOW! That cunt pirate!

Kevin is such a cunt pirate!

Brooke: Look at the pants he is wearing. He is such a fag.
ME: WOW! Isn't she just a cunt pirate.
by Rhetnuh FML xD November 12, 2009
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Noun: one who engages in the illegal and often violent overtaking of cunts for the purpose of extorting money or stealing goods esp. on large bodies of water.
Cunt pirates have been disrupting the legitimate trade of rum, spices, sugar, and birth control products in the Caribbean.
by InglishMajor May 21, 2012
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