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Someone that is such a cunt, they are literally emanating cuntness out of themselves at a very high speed, therefore becoming a cunt rifle.

Someone that is always being a cunt and looks for opportunities to be a cunt, shooting others down.
Tasha turned into a cunt rifle last week after her PMS made everyone hate her.

John: What's up Sam?
Sam: Hey fuck you John, you can suck a dick.
John: What the hell... fucking cunt rifle.
by Chobhat April 23, 2008
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A nickname given to a Halo: Reach Covenant weapon, originally called the Concussion Rifle. Due to the Concussion Rifle's ability and pussy like nature to push your opponent away from you, while making them virtually unable to do anything to counter it. Creates a higher level of irritation to that specific weapon.
Team Mate #1: "I'm getting the Sniper Rifle!"

Team Mate #2: "I have the Rocket Launcher!"

Team Mate #3: "I am using the Cunt Rifle!"

Team Mate #4: "You freaking would... you cunt!"
by Forgewolf May 24, 2012
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