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1. When a tank does unusual things in any sort of video game or even real life, such as flying, uncontrollable laughter or shoots out random objects.

2. When other a noob or a skilled person gets in a tank and blows up other noobs or skilled people while laughing out loud or making funny insults to cover up his noobish tactics.
Rofltank is:

A tank zooms by in the sky...WTF!!?

A tank killing hundreds in a game while the driver is saying owned, noobcake, get some, etc.
by Forgewolf January 24, 2009

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1. Use this phrase to counter any verbal insults or attack, even when it doesn't make sense. Putting your opponent or enemy in a state of laughter, confusion or hysteria.
"Your fat and ugly and no one loves you!"

"Thanks, I work Out


"Your mom is retarded!"

"Thanks, I work out.
by Forgewolf January 22, 2017

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A nickname given to a Halo: Reach Covenant weapon, originally called the Concussion Rifle. Due to the Concussion Rifle's ability and pussy like nature to push your opponent away from you, while making them virtually unable to do anything to counter it. Creates a higher level of irritation to that specific weapon.
Team Mate #1: "I'm getting the Sniper Rifle!"

Team Mate #2: "I have the Rocket Launcher!"

Team Mate #3: "I am using the Cunt Rifle!"

Team Mate #4: "You freaking would... you cunt!"
by Forgewolf May 24, 2012

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