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Noun: A guy who becomes completely uncollected, unrecognizable to his friends and just plain dopey while in the presence of mind numbingly beautiful girls.
Verb: (Cunt Clowning) The afore mentioned guy in the process of making a total ass of himself as engaged in the futile pursuit of a girl so amazing it hurts to look at her. Usually while simultaneously ignoring his friends.
1. Freddy is such a ridiculous cunt clown when he goes clubbing! Last time we were here he got shut down every time; those broads were way out of his league.
2. (a) Where did that asshole Freddy go, he's
sponsoring this fucking round!
(b) See that goddess at the end of the bar?
(a) Yeah?
(b) He's over there cunt clowning again. Yep,
he fancies himself quite a swordsman.
(a) God, what an asshole.
by Jesus Tap Dancin' Christ June 26, 2010
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