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Just like a violinist cunnelinguist is a perfectionist in his art. The art of orally stimulating the female clitoris until she orgasms all over their face. They take pride in their work and in fact very good at it as they are able to maintain long relationships to the ones they orally please. Long tongues are a huge bonus but sometimes the smaller tongue that works harder is just as fine. It's all about the technique. The best one of course being the car wash, in which one uses a ton of saliva to perform different acts of a sequence of movements with their tongue as would a car wash.
Becky: Carrie you know that guy I hooked up with last night.
Carrie: Of course I do with all my heart
Becky: Well it turns out he was a cunnelinguist, small dick he had but he sure made up for it by being orally stimulating. Thumbs up to him in the mouth department.
by kitten with a smile November 22, 2013
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