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Noun. Insult or derogatory term for a person or persons who fellate strangers for shits and giggles by the wheelie bins round the back of BHS. often used as a an arbitrary insult not relating to the actual meaning.
by Fr4nk December 19, 2008
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also the verb: to swindle cum. To abscond and/or purloin with bodily fluids from an unsuspecting or oblivious individual, often with an insidious or devious nature. Used colloquially to describe a swingin, promiscuous, or otherwise evil individual.
God damn! That Jasper really is bein' a cum swindler tonite. Cleetis was havin' sex with his sister and that idjit just done in there like a cum swindler! YIIIIHAW!!!!
by Darrell#1 May 16, 2010
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