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A near gibberish but yet vulgor language that is use to shut up quarrelers, trolls, siblings and teachers. It rude but yet funny because it confuses the anagonist and brings about an utterly, disgusting look on their face. Just for a few seconds will they stop talking and if possible, you should walk away before things get worst ROFL
Mr. Arse(Teacher):Ok class we are going to learn about Ananomy.

Class: Damn!!!-.-

Mr. Arse: Ananomy has a variety of subjects to learn in the human body. You see in the body...blah blah blah

A Student: You know what? Screw this.(yelling abruptedly)
STFU you "cumsuckerbitchfuck" blah blah blah

Mr. Arse: ???.... OMG...Go to the Principals office for you rude behavior and disrupting the class.

Student: Finally, you're boring ass "cumsuckerbitchfuck" Mr. Arse.
by Amphibious August 13, 2010
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