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1: a science that deals with the sexual composition, structure, and properties of sexual substances and with the transformations that they undergo. Sexually.

2a: a strong mutual sexual attraction, attachment, or sympathy <they have a special cumistry> b: interaction between people working together in bed, or the champagne room ; specifically : such interaction when harmonious or effective boning occurs <a team lacking cumistry>
"Ali, whats the cumistry like between you and Derek?"
"Lets just say... I'm cleaning it off right now...explosive."
by MLC Jr. June 16, 2009
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Someone who does way too much for a person they like
Brian shu the simp: I bought her a car and a whole ass house and we not even dating!
Nathan the pimp: U a simp.
by Pimpinnotsimpin March 22, 2020
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