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A straight-acting, straight-looking high school-aged or college-aged athletically-inclined young male with overwhelming homosexual cravings for all his fellow team-mates. The cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock easily assimialates himself in with the other athletically-inclined jocks in his school clique, with the intention of systematically sucking the cocks of, and guzzling the cum from, all his school team-mates before graduation. He also intends to anal-fuck or be anal-fucked by every one of his athletically-inclind school team-mates, also before graduation. He plans innocent-sounding, one-on-one alone time, with each team-mate (usually a sleep-over or week-end get-a-way trip) that includes a selection of a wide variety of alcoholic beverages followed by suggesting a casual, impromptu, late-night, masturbation session to straight porn in his bedroom, dormroom, or vacation motel room. When fellow team-mates are at the height of their hormonal excitement, the cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock introduces the unsuspecting team-mate to the joys and pleasures of the more-readily available and easily obtainable homosexual jock-on-jock gay sex activities and possibilities. The cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock rarely is rejected due to the inebriated state of his jock-buddy, his own young, fit, gym-ripped body, his school-wide reputation for being a "ladies-man", and his charm and charisma that tends to get females and males to comply with his wishes, suggestions, and desires.
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by Cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock August 12, 2011
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