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1. This refers to the arrest, handcuffing, and placement of an individual into a police cruiser. The term is used when the individual in question is obviously a waste of skin and oxygen.

2. This can also refer to holding people responsible for their own actions, and punishing them accordingly.
1. The police officers were cuffin' and stuffin' the gliberal (Yes, gliberal) "peace activists."

2. John Smith kept disrupting the education of his peers, so the teacher found himself cuffin' and stuffin' John all the way down to the main office. It should be noted that John Smith simply received a pathetic slap on the wrist, along with a Band-Aid for his bruised ego and self-esteem. He soon found himself back in class, wasting everyone else's time, and the taxpayers' money. This also encouraged several of his peers to display a contempt and disrespect for authority.
by crash December 05, 2003
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