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Cudut (verb): Malay neologism for mosquito bite.

From the words Cu.cuk (poke) and se.Dut (suck).

Coined by Singapore Malay-English Translator, SHASEL in 1994
and first appeared in print in a short story entitled 'Berdialog
Dengan Hamid' (A Dialogue with Hamid). See 'Berita Harian',
30 Aug 1995, pg. 7 and 'Meredah Badai', 2005, pp. 1-6
(ISBN: 981-05-3149-4).

The word 'cudut' also appears online in Unsolved Mysteries website.
See 'A Dialogue with Hamid'.
"From what I know, mosquitoes do not bite. It only cucuk and sedut our blood. Therefore, from the words cu-cuk (poke) and se-dut (suck), I said mosquito cudut, not bites," Hamid explained.
by Sha Putera Salam May 31, 2018
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