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The ambivalent but intensely erotic and emotional feelings experienced by a man who knows, or suspects, or fantasizes that his wife is having sex with another man or other men. The feelings are an intoxicating cocktail that becomes almost addictive, and include jealousy, lust, suspicion, humiliation, anguish, helplessness, graphic sexual fantasy, and intense erotic longing.

Such a cocktail of depraved thoughts and feelings comes initially as a shock, but can begin to overwhelm the man at any time his wife is out without him, and in advanced cases will become the sexual payoff for him, and he'll actively reinforce his wife's need to go out, to get away from him for a night. Thus he becomes his wife's enabler.

The experience culminates in the man jacking off, while thinking about his wife in the arms of other men. The intense pleasure reinforces his condition and intensifies his desire to experience it over and over. In cases where the chemistry is perfect, the wife will sense what her husband is experiencing, and know she's become his fantasy cock bait. That will tempt her into playing out his fantasies for him, either openly or behind his back, in the beds and cars of other men. "What the hell," she'll begin thinking. "It's what he seems to want. Why not do it?" And she does it.
When Bonnie demanded a "girl's night out" from her husband Mike, Mike discovered that in addition to feelings of suspicion and jealousy and a rush of humiliation, he also felt intense excitement and lust. He becomes narcotized by the fantasies he begins to experience, as he begins getting intense sexual rushes, imagining in graphic detail what his wife might be doing with other men. Mike begins to actively encourage those thoughts, and to relish his wife's nights out, especially when she begins openly going to bars alone. It means another night of heavenly fantasy and repeated acts of jacking off for him, and seduces Bonnie into becoming the cock loving bar slut that Mike deep down wants her to be. Mike has become completely intoxicated by, and Bonnie has learned to exploit, the thrill of cucky angst.
by July41944 July 31, 2009
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