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1. an extremely condensed cube of rhinocerous generally found in the tropical regions of South Dakota and in certain types of tomato soup

2. a hypothesis so preposterous that steve most likely made it up (fotc cred there)

3. the feeling you get when you want to stab yourself with plastic scissors. yes, the ones that you used in kindergarden. they dont cut paper. grr.

4. a word to put before explode, explosion, asplode, and kaboom

If you dont stop making up cubiclosms right now, I might explode with impossibility.

Max: You think you could share some of that cubiclosm in your soup
Molly: No, or else i might feel very cubiclostic. I might have a cubiclosm explosion.
Max: You cubiclosm of a woman
Molly: cubiclosm KABOOM!
by Max "Vinegar" Traunstein March 28, 2008
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