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A derogatory term used by people that envy Cubans (like the one who wrote the definition before) to degrade them under a discriminating, unfair, and stereotyping definition. They usually ignore the good side of Cuban people in favor of the bad one. They mistakenly forget the basic fact that all societies are comprised of people from all walks of life due to the human nature and the social circumstances. Who said that envying and backstabbing behaviours were created in Cuba? didn't the terms existed before? just think about that. People like you, who take the time to write such definitions are moved by envy, hate and are so much miserable that the cuba-lingas themselves. I just want to reassure that NOT ALL cubans are like that, maybe in Miami you see some of that kind because there are lots of balseros that lived in the poorest areas of Cuba, but not all balseros are of this kind either. Go to Cuba and see how warm-hearted, sincere, and friendly average people in the streets are, and shut the f..k up!
That south american guy is my boss. He is always harassing me and making me feel unconfortable. He sometimes talk with other of his "friends" and refers to me as a cuba-linga. I know he wants me to blow off so that he can fire me. What a son of a bitch!
by cubanoTeacher December 11, 2005
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A derogatory term usually applied to Cubans but maybe used on a non-cuban if they are behaving like such a Cuban. It's like the N-word. It means someone who is brash, loud and annoying that talks alot of shit usually because they are perpetually full of shit. Such people put on airs mistakenly believing they are better than anyone else around them. Originates from the combination of cuban and linga for tongue (as in up the butt which is the source of their shit) much like what people in Spanish call a come mierda.

Such Cubans are typically materialistic, arrogant and have inflated egos, often bragging about how great they see themselves, their race and all they have much to the annoyance of everyone else around them who know better. Such Cubans are selfish, backstabbing and phony.

They hate you if you are non-cuban but more successful in the slightest way than they are. They only look at what you have that they don't have, but want, and hate you for that one thing. They are condescending to you and mean spirited. They often talk about you in a negative light especially if they think it's to their advantage.

They are callous and have no conscience or remorse. They like to put you down for no good reason but typically because they are insecure and just plain rotten. They won't hesitate to hurt you. They are only happy when you have troubles or worse off than they are!

If you happen to have a cuba-linga as a "friend", they like to dump all their problems on you and expect you to listen. They selfishly want you to be on call for their needs 24/7. They want you to act like a free pyschologist and solve their problems for them but are never around when you need them. They don't care about how much an imposition or inconvenience they are to you.

Hence they are talking an unlimited amount of shit since they are perpetually full of it.

Look at that arrogant Cuban swaggering down the street like he is something. Such an in your face cuba-linga.

That loud-mouth Cuban is shooting his mouth off to everyone like his shit doesn't stink. Shut up already you damn cuba-linga. Nobody cares!

Maria that cuba-linga bitch is always bragging about what she bought or what she has done with her husband, like non-cubans can't do cool stuff too. Go douche bitch!

Tony said that he hates me simply because I have a cool job that pays more than he makes. He believes he should make more simply because he is Cuban. What a selfish cuba-linga!

The Cuba-lingas have turned Miami into a Ghetto. Time for a one-way boat ride back to Habana!

That Cuba-linga had the nerve to correct my Spanish. How dare she!

Watch out! That cuba-linga is jealous of you and wants to get you fired! She's always talking shit about you to the boss.

Cuba-lingas are often jealous and hate you for your achievements. Although they will never admit it, their actions speak louder than their words.

Oye Cuba-lingas lavanse esos culos sucios y sus pingas!

by La Da Dee November 17, 2005
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