A team of "gems" from Steven Universe who chose to protect Earth, while the "homeworld gems" wanted to colonize it.
"We are the crystal gems, we'll always save the day"
by -jozefa February 28, 2016
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three or four of the hottest ladies you'll meet if your lucky enough to see them. *Garnet, a thick-thighed square mom. Pearl, a long nosed bird. Amethyst, a sexy ass, big titted, fun mom.

*Ruby &Sapphire. ruby, a real hotty when she is doming her lover. Sapphire, the one who gives garnet her big chest and ruby's wife.
Lars: What are they anyway? Witches or ghosts or something?
Steven: Ugh... They're the Crystal Gems and they save the world and junk.
by Rose Motherfucking Quartz April 05, 2016
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Basically, lesbian space rocks who fought their own leader for freedom but actually she "their leader" was the one who started it, heck two of them is already married ffs
by IDFK WTPH July 13, 2018
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