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when you cry while performing the act of masturbation. You can cryjerk any time you want especially if you are listening to 13 y/o girl in love music. The intensity of the eyaculation is proportional to the strenght of your cry and depression. if you are near to choking with your tears the pleasure will increase indeed and your life will be more miserable. Cryjerking can be divided in categories:

1: Looser cryjerk: you can be looser cryjerking when you realise your life sucks mandingo penis and you cant do much more about it than masturbate. For example: tom lives with his parents... who are dead... in a mausoleum... and decides to cryjerk holding his poke-cards.
2: breakup cryjerk: when you masturbate thinking about your ex after she dumped you for being a looser. for example: tom cruise decided to masturbate after katie holmes dumped him... for cryjerking in a mausoleum...
3: high-school cryjerk: when you are bullied just enough for you to get home and cryjerk thinking thats the only sexual performance you will be having in your life, in some cases planning how to make a shooting in your school. for example: tom was bullied in highschool for living in a mausoleum, he cryjerked for the first time while clinning his gun and swearing to be famous so no one suspects.
The most common places for cryjerking are at the shower, your room, you ex room before being arrested and... apparently... a mausoleum.
tom cryjerked 3 days in a row until he realised he was becoming everything he hated about himself, the only way to start over was making another shooting on his old high school, before, he started cryjerking while screaming "katieee, you were my lifeee"
by amperro August 18, 2013
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