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See trustafarian and crusty.

An even crustier version of a trustafarian. No less well off. Most likely listens to breakcore as supposed to psytrance, the genre of music commonly listened to by the latter.

While a trustafarian may reject wider society due to a sense of being a more highly conscious and considerate being than others (often after chronic over-use of psychedelic drugs), a crustafarian tends to do so because of laziness, a lack of respect for those who support them and a tendency to be more interested in where they will score there next quarter of ket (local demand often outstrips supply due to their favorable allowances and lack of self respect) or when the next Bong-Ra or Venetian Snares gig is.
Crustafarian 1:
"Shall we go to the (insert name of alternative electronic music festival here)?"

Crustafarian 2:
"Fuck yeah, but first I'll have to drop out of the degree my parents are paying for and go to Bristol to pick up 5 litres of liquid ket."

Crustafarian 1:
"Safe then, I'll book the tickets tomorrow with the money I got when my rich Aunt died and nick the keys to my Dad's Landrover."
by The Anticrust October 12, 2011
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Noun - Description of someone who enjoys breaking through poo crust pre anal coitus.
That fucker with the shit eating grin (and scars on his bell-end) is a proper crustafarian
by terrier05 May 17, 2011
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