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An extremely shy and timid creature rarely found in the wild and more commonly found in captivity, can normally be observed on a couch or other padded setting fondling a nut sack ( normally his own);; sexually stimulated by the scent of bacon, and when bothered or annoyed responds with a warning of 'ah bro' or 'nooooooo'. Crowleysaurus are in a constant state of hibernation, accumulating mass and cultivating sweet foods. The only known crowleysaurus in existence is 24 years to date, but the expected lifespan is anywhere from 25-32 years old, an diabetes will more than likely be the cause of death. Crowleysaurus form long term mostly monogamous relationships with robasaurus, and mating rituals can be observed via intimate World of Warcraft play. Physical characteristics include white spy sun glasses, a half drank beer, a poorly cut cutoff, a beard that could get you on a child porn watch list, and flops...flow is rare but had been seen occasionally, often sub par. His best friend is often a regadamous.
Stevasaurus rex can often be considered a crowleysaurus
by Crowleysaurus November 27, 2013
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