Crossplay is when a guy cosplays as a girl or vice versa at an anime convention or other event.
Dana: Ohmygod, did you see that girl crossplaying as Mori?
by mishi-kun March 29, 2008
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Known as the action of cosplaying (wearing costumes) characters from the opposite sex; it applies to both genders. NOT related in any way with sexual preferences of the people who practices it, in most of the cases.
A guy that wears a Card Captor Sakura costume is doing crossplay.
by Bunnyfriend February 20, 2004
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Cosplay as a character of opposite gender.
Some hairy guy over there is crossplaying as Faye Valentine.
by Geek-O-Man February 15, 2005
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A branch of cosplaying/roleplaying. When a fan of an anime, manga, game, or movie dresses up as a character of the opposite gender than themselves.

This is sometimes confussing, especially when the person or character they are dressing as has hermaferdiac traits..

Then again, some crossplayers are so good at what they do that they seem to be the same gender as the character they are cosplaying as.
"My friend likes to crossplay as Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist"

"One year I went to Otakon crossplayed as Sango."

"That one crossplayer for Fuuma was was so good that I didn't know it was a girl till she wen't in the girl's bathroom"
by dancing kitsune June 18, 2006
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When someone cosplays as a character of the opposite sex. This phrase is more often associated with male cosplayers.
That guy in the Sailor Saturn costume is a a crossplayer
by Sheepz September 25, 2003
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Crossplay is a subspecies of cosplay. What makes this different from regular cosplay is that the crossplayer is dressing as a character of the opposite sex. This applies to both males and females, yet the males are the most well known and ridiculed.
It is very hard to find a "good" crossplay. At best estimate, 4 in seven crossplays are hideous, to the rate of one in eight good cosplays.
Do not attempt this under any circumstances unless 1) you can make or have access to good costumes, 2) you are absolutely sure you will look good or just okay in it, and 3) you're sure that you will be going to a convention with so many freaks that nobody will mind.
1. Guy walks out of dressing room dressed as catgirl, (or any other female manga character), says to friend: "I'm impressed, you actually made good crossplay. I thought that was nearly impossible!

2. Two "normal" people in jeans and t-shirts walk through a convention.
Person 1: Wow, this is an awesome convention huh?
Person 2: Damn right!
crossplayer walks by...
Person 1: Oh my God... was that a guy in crossplay?
Person 2: Yeah... that's one of those people who should definitely not wear tights.
by Do you even care? December 9, 2009
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A derogatory term used to falsely label and segregate cosplayers who cosplay characters of the opposite sex from the cosplay community.
The guy dressed as Sailor Moon is a crossplayer, not a cosplayer.
by Jason December 30, 2004
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