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A girl who is very sensitive and can easily be broken (hearted). If you come across a crisjan don’t be expecting anything from her bc if she doesn’t think your worth her time your lost.She has long (curly) hair that can go into ringlets.Brown eyes that are mesmerising.And tan skin to match her other features.She is a loyal, helpful and caring person.She is very very cute in ways you wouldn’t believe.She is also pretty (amazing) at whatever she does...She will love you forever if you get the chance to be with her
Derek:”did you see crisjan today ,she looked sooo cute and pretty and those curls tho” (drooling)

Daniel:”yeah she is hot “
by Laka.matthews July 24, 2018
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She is such a good friend.Some girls she would fight with in a relationship but then she will come through in the end.She is a living person and she will care for you no matter what.She is loyal and pretty.Most people say her name wrong and say Christian instead of Crisjan.Its sad but she gets use to it.Has a huge ass tho Ahahahah.Wants long relationships but some just don’t work out.She has a laugh like spongebob and it’s soooo cute.She has a bright pearly white smile that is so attractive to the opposite sex.She will care for you and love you no matter what the problem is or whatever happened in the past .She is attractive and very sensitive.has a passion for animals and loves photography .Has curly hair and brown eyes and looks like Moana
Crisjan is good at photography
by Laka.matthews July 25, 2018
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