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A pair of individuals who team up to fight bad guys; and, who (at least in the comic books) always come out victorious because they are on the side of "GOOD".

Usually both members of the team have a day job and an alter-ego or secret identity. (Because of the masked face connection) It is believed that several Luchadores (Mexican wrestlers) may moonlight as crime-fighters.

Sometimes they have cool gadgets or bigger guns or even a variety of superpowers. Airborne CRIME FIGHTING DUOs often wear designer capes which somehow make them lighter than air.

One question remains, however, when the team is two guys or two chicks. Are they QUEER? Do they sleep/shower together behind closed doors? By God, I hope not. Can we just change the subject? This is kinda creepin' me out.
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The CRIME-FIGHTING DUO Batman and Robin were really the millionaire Bruce Wayne and his little buddy, Dick Grayson. They have matching utility belts. Huhh?

That internet CRIME-FIGHTING DUO Rodriguez and Gladys had the right idea. Why go poor fighting crime? Only bust the criminals who won't pony up some Benjamins.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, and Joe Friday with his partner Bill Gannon were classic CRIME-FIGHTING DUOs of past decades.
by Bongo Cholomongo September 20, 2006
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