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A naturally born aggressive man with origin from Crete. its believed to be a mix of sarakeens,almohads and Cretans. He is the one that knows how to use any kind of weapon and has the natural ability to kill without any conscious and without worry of his life. The word is to describe the people that live in order to war for a cause and not for money.
They are famous for the ability to win a fight from long distance and to outnumber any enemy.
Those people have been fighting from the early 9th.century B.C. from the war of Troy. the last epic battle was given against the Wermacht forces in the spring of 1941 when unarmed people killed all the special forces of the German army.
Its a rumor that during the wars Cretans have interfered in the most disgusting war crimes thats why the best of their warriors that have origin from the Chania region were given the name Cretanbloodlover
Cretanbloodlover warriors have been sent in order to win the war.
He fought without any worry about his life like a real Cretanbloodlover.
by ChrisCreta May 02, 2008
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