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A creature that is part seal, part human, who has soft claws and beady dark eyes. It has an unpredictable and devastatingly violent mood swings. Many casualties are likely to occur when the creature dark gets into one of its rages. In these instances, this creature can be placated with sardine treats or apple sauce. Often, it will put its weight on its hind legs to consume the treats. The creature dark is so fearsome that it can stomp holes into the ground with its claws. If one attempts to take its food, it will give the thief a deadly glare and one tooth will be protruding from its closed lips.
There are a few signs to indicate that the creature dark is ready to assault.
1. The emergence of the angry teeth. The creature will bare its front teeth when it gets mad.
2. The lengthening and hardening of the claws. This can happen in a flash so be alert!
Reporter- "What happened sir?"
Mike- "It's the creature dark! You have to keep it happy or else it'll go on a rampage. I couldn't get the sardine treats out in time and now it has already killed a few people. We have to find it!"
Reporter- "Sir, is that blood on your forehead?"
Mike- "Yes, it's those hard claws. I didn't notice the angry teeth until it was too late!"
by ro. February 16, 2009
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