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A much edgier, more forceful, resourceful and specific use of the rather benign and (I think) weak
past-tense of 'cream', 'creamt' could be a more descriptive alternative to 'creamed' (creamt soups,

of course, might be one exception) and allow a decidedly more masculine description (and definitive

tense) for something that is simply creamed, creamier creamiest.
A reasonable superlative to 'creamed'. Creamt. Very nicely creamt. Thank you, that was perfectly creamt.

I had a dream. I was totally creamed. It was a nightmare.

I dreamt I was completely creamt in this blender from Hell.
I prefer my coffee heavily sugared and creamt..
That linebacker was completely creamt in the rush..
There is no doubt that Trump will be absolutely creamt in the next election..
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by ellis1 November 06, 2018
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