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The act of putting whipped cream on ones finger and inserts into some ones vagina.
Jason: I'm so mad at Jeff and Andrew!
Clyde: Why what happened?
Jason: They fuckin cream-tossed my mom!
Clyde: How did they cream toss your mom?
Jason: With their fingers?
by jgv2213 March 24, 2008
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My man wants me to have sex with another man and cum inside me .. "blushing" then my man wants to eat me out with the cum dripping down my legs. Can you please give me a creamtoss cream toss with your choice of who and be ready to be eaten out when you arrive home? Haha.. YES!! Anything to make you happy babe! . #Creamtoss #sex #forthewin #anythingtomakemymanhappy #cum #creampie #booty #
by Countryboy47 January 30, 2018
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