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Some unnecessary monthly payment from Medicaid or S.S.I. which is made purportedly for a disability suffered by the payee. Crazy checks usually go to people already receiving other public assistance checks who have become adept at milking the system for more.

Alarmingly, crazy checks are often approved for simple and common conditions such as a child (usually in a single-parent household) who can't behave in school.

Suprisingly, money from the crazy checks is rarely actually spent on anything associated with treatment of the supposed disability.
"If my son does bad enough on that standardized test at school, I might be able to get another Crazy Check!! Glory Hallelujah!!"
by ThePointe March 21, 2008
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Money from the Department of mental health that is given to those who are mentally handicapped, or 'crazy'.
Hey tard, did you get your crazy check this month.
by xzybit April 22, 2005
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Slang for a monthly stipend from the Social Security Disability Insurance department given to recipients deemed unable to work because of psychiatric disability. Application for eligibility is often a lengthy process, but not impossible for those who truly need the assistance. It is NOT a handout or a copout for those who don't feel like working. It is a critical safety net for those who might fall between the cracks and potentially find themselves out on the street.
Thanks to my crazy check I keep a roof over my head.
by Notyermomma January 07, 2011
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What all men universally fail to do 100% of the time before moving in with a girl.

A series of questions designed to evoke an overly emotional or possibly psychotic response that is disproportional to the subject of the question.
I should of given her the crazy check. She would of failed for sure !
by Angus McCracken January 24, 2020
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