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someone who engages in reckless acts, without caring about the consequences. They are unapologetic, but don't necessarily make you mad. They do socially awkward things a part of you may want to do, or things you respect in a weird sick way.
That old man that sits in the hot tub and blatantly stares at girls, and doesn't look away when they see him. He is a crazy a hole.

He cheated on his girl with her roommate! what a crazy a hole

The guys who laughs out loud at a joke he doesn't understand, or hasn't even heard it in it's entirety.

The guy who buys top of the line sports equipment when they're not any good. What a crazy a hole.

The guys who stretches harder than everyone else and never gets playing time

The guy who plays way too hard in pick up games. He tries to compensate for his lack of talent with extreme hustle.
by boom99 February 04, 2010
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