(cray-ter fayse);one whose head may be deeply impacted by one of a somewhat larger force (acne, meteor)
wow, if i was as ugly as you crater face i think i would just cut my *@#$ off.
by sgt. synonyms February 23, 2006
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Someone who has scars covering their face caused by past acne.
When people refuse to practice good hygiene and scratch at acne they become a crater face.
by Ash Trey :D April 10, 2009
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when some one has large dirty pore holes . "Craters" in there face and with a very gross dark tanish lines in between.MATT KEENE
yo nigga did u see that crater face matt keene was rockin today
by cayla.p October 31, 2006
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a person that is very retarded, makes sexual jokes constantly, smoke 2 packs a day, laughs like a retard.
who is that guy laughing at his own jokes in the corner?

I'm pretty sure he's a crater-face
by bob3540945723160 January 14, 2010
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Usually very bad acme on the face, especially on foreign people such as Asians and Mexicans. The skin have dents whihc go inward into the skin which making it like small craters on the face hence the word crater face.
Yo you see them fobs with the crater faces at the club?
by fobstache maker December 18, 2005
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