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A large nose nugget made especially hard and sharp from particularly trashy crank or meth, and sometimes, teh cola, usually from being stepped on by a Frankenstein. Crank boogers can be very difficult to dislodge in total, making one work for it like a miner, and making one to exclaim when caught at the herculean chore, "Goddamn crank booger!" so as to raise sympathy for the dirty nose picker.
First guy, "Damn dude, are you diggin' for gold up there?"

Second guy, "Goddamn crank booger!"

First guy, "Ahhh, dude..."
by ColoradoRick67 March 15, 2011
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The waxy buildup in your nose that you get from snorting some weak ass shit that your "cool" friend got for you. It results from dope being stepped on so many times that it basically becomes a homeopathic remedy rather than a drug.
'Honey, you should blow your nose before we go out. You've got some crank boogers.'
by twilyth June 28, 2009
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