the large cranium way of saying big brain
Fred: my IQ is 69 I'm a big brain
Bob: my IQ is 420 I'm a large cranium
by Large cranium neanderthal March 18, 2020
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in DOTA: Costs 3220 gold

Requires: Gauntlets of Ogre Strength,Mithril Hammer,Cranium Basher Recipe Scroll

Gives: +30 Damage ,+3 Str Passive: Bash 15% Chance (10% for Ranged), 1.1 Second Stun, +25 Bonus Damage on Bash

2 basher percentage : 15% + (85% x 15%) = 27.75% ... so it is not exactly 30% (thanks to fellow dotaers on google).

A great item for most melee heroes. Most noticibly used on Naix, Magina, Faceless Void, Troll, Balanar etc...
Use with caution, good for some permabash/permastun
"fuck im naix and im getting owned early game"
"shit happens"
"what should i save up for?"
"duo cranium bashers = permastun and its gg"
"fuck that im going to buy dagon"
by I_luv_mcdicks August 12, 2007
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A man with a big fore-head that has a bulbus(bulb) shape to it...
often hidden over some sort of emo fringe
Reveal your head Moomin...
"OMG, Moomin you have the almighty bulbus cranium!!"
by Terry Houghton January 08, 2009
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1. So insane that it may affect one's mental stability.
2. That awesome
Your idea to dress your lettuce by covering your dog in ranch and letting it run around in a giant salad bowl is utterly insanium in the cranium.
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