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Mostly in rural Georgia, the panhandle of Florida, Lower Alabama, southwest South Carolina and parts of Tennessee, the Cracker Nation cosists of white blue collar and farm workers who's lack of intelligance and education is matched with their fierce loyalty to lost causes and extremley rightwing views that are against their best intrests. For a long time they were identified with members of the KKK, and bufoons like the brother of the 39th president. Often arrested for petty crimes like public urination after finishing a twelve-pack of cheep swill and are unable to make it to the rest room of the 7-11, which resembles a scene from Dante's Inferno. Their most identifing physical features are goiters and back haircuts.
True to form, the members of the Cracker Nation voted universally for the losing side of the 2008 presidential election.
by bullet88 August 02, 2009
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