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An affectionate term directed at someone who is cracked our or sketchy but in a cute way.
N. "You acted pretty sketchy last night, but Don't forget, you'll always be my crack muffin."

by Richierich1986 August 21, 2007
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A crack muffin is simply a muffin top viewed from behind. Best observed when someone of a large stature picks up an item off a lower shelf at a supermarket.
When that women went to get the refried beans, I caught a glimpse of her crack muffin and almost cried.
by Sir BillyBob February 09, 2011
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friend with which one does crazy things. I.E. throw frappecinos at an ex boyfriend's car.
Yo, crackmuffin, let's start some ruckus this weekend. Ya dig?
by laqueenasaukin May 04, 2010
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