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someone with large, black bags under their eyes, like a raccoon's, after being up for several days due to the use of speed, crack, meth, etc.
After four days of constant partying,no sleep, and friends calling him craccoon, Bob finally decided to go home and sleep.
by UpTownAries March 07, 2003
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Hello fellow cheese stick. I bet you came here to find out what human being would write about a raccoon on crack or whatever. Well guess what? I'm not a human. I'MMM MOTHER FUKIN DARK KERMIT and I would love to introduce you to my friend Craccoon, but the man's got his tings to do so allow me to describe him for you.

1-close your eyes and image ones that sparkle better than yours even shine
2- look at your hair and imagine having the cute bang all the girls love

3- look at your personality and imagine a movie, series, or book character thats above your level of human dicency

4- think about the way you treat your girlfriend, who is she? nonexsistent? thought so. ( its cuz he stole her)
5- and lastly but never least, imagine a laugh or a smile that can bright up your hole day within seconds

if you dare mix that into a mixing pot, add human, and looootttttsssssssssssssssss of coffe you get the one. the only. the great craccoon.

will you ever meet one you ask?

there's only one and hes my so come again ms.
random thirsty boy-Why doesn't anyone like me?

me- cuz now that craccoons back, yor crack is wack sir, but he'll wack your back ;)))))))
by cheesysticks20 September 25, 2019
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