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A boy who meets a Romantic Interest online through friends.
They talk for a week. RI realizes the boy is a cr33per.
RI stops talking to him. Anyone who knows the cr33per tells RI that cr33per has begun saying things like he "is cutting his wrists because he loves RI so much" and that he "hopes RI dies in a car crash so he can hold RI's lifeless body".
Cr33per is then in state of depression for three weeks.
Then he makes "I HATE RI CLUB" and includes his pathetic friends.
The lame cr33per and pals shittalk RI all over the world!
Makes RI's life a living hell!
RI's best friends then attack cr33per. Cr33per go BYEBYE.
"That kid Joe Schmoe is SUCH a Cr33per. He's been stalking me for five months!"
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