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A fricking moron who continually posts useless, uninformed crap on the Ars Fora; his erroneus (and often made-up) information leads many scholars to believe that his IQ is lower than that of a toilet. Very often his entry into any given thread marks its graphic and needless demise.

His posts are to be avoided at all costs, at grave risk of being either of a or b.

a) Being sucked into a flamewar with no hope of end in sight, wherein he keeps spouting fictitious garbage from the greatest depths of his bowels whilst purporting to be not only correct, but superior to anyone who dares to oppose him on any manner whatsoever;

b) Wanting so badly to kill or severely mangle him that one ends up punching brick walls or grinding his or her teeth to the point of migraine.

Anything listed with cp5184 as the author can safely be disregarded.
Aw, man, cp5184 posted in here? There goes this thread...
by my name in not important February 17, 2004
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