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A low down mangie good for nothing crossbreed between a coyote and a poodle. Also refers to bandwagon New Orleans Saints fans who diss on there own players.
BUddy, Did you hear Dave diss'n on the Saints last night.
Yeah, he ain't nothing but a back stabbing coyoodle.
by Buddy D July 10, 2003
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This term is one that is most indigenous to south Louisiana and New Orleans in particular. It is often used to refer to someone who is a low down scoundrel or to a woman with no sex appeal. However, though this can be a derogatory term, it is sometimes used as a complimentary term of endearment.
Derogatory: She's nothing but a coyoodle, and her husband is a low down coyoodle too.

Complimentary: It's good to see you, you old coyoodle you.
by Wayne Asplund August 31, 2004
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