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AKA Dallas Cowboys one of the worst fucking teams in NFL history now they may have 5 lombardi trophys but according to me they have only 2 because when crackheads like michael irvin get the trophy for you it just dosent count you may have terrell owens but before preseason ends he will just start bitchin' 'bout how the QB Bledsobadly throws to him and knowing the tuna he will fire his ass
go redskins cowboys suck
turds fan: we swept you so many times

skins fan: yeah well we swept you last season

turds fan: so thats only once

skins fan: you cowturds fans are stuck in the past

turds fan: duh what can we do about it

skins fan: you can get your head out of your ass

turds fan: (removes head from ass)

skins fan: heres to another season where the skins sweep the turds
by shipter August 20, 2006
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These two words, believe it or not, are used to describe a person who you know you love and care for but you just can't admit it. They are used to describe a person who can get so incredibly aggravating but at the end of the day, something that person said or did was the highlight of your day. This person is normally very whitey and laughs at the little things that some may say don't really matter, but you and me both know every single word and action matters. (Side Note* they can get off track sometimes too.) This person is such a joy to be around and you can always count on to brighten up your day... It might be making your kidneys hurt from laughing uncontrollably nonstop but heyy I mean it works. They can be mistaken for flirtatious but really its just that they want to lighten your load just a couple of pounds. They are more often than not very beautiful or handsome, although they are very hard to be in a relationship with because they are so private. If you have one of these people don't ever let them go because more often than not they were placed in your life for a reason and they are meant to help you get through some DEEP STUFF. They are defiantly somebody you want in your life and if you have someone like this you are truly a lucky person.
Guy/Girl #1 Waitt... You know a Cow Turd??
Guy/Girl #2 Yeah, Why?
Guy/Girl #1 You are a really lucky person, you know that right?
Guy/Girl #2 Yeah I know... She/He really is amazing!
by red kiwi July 15, 2016
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