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1. the state in which a person claims to be covered by the Intelligence Identities Protection Act as a covert agent while behaving in a manner so as to remove that status or to expose it as false. Such behavior may manifest itself in acts such as: 1) telling a boyfriend on your third or fourth date that you are a CIA agent during a heavy make out session; 2) driving to CIA headquarters without fear of exposure; 3) recommending your spouse for a CIA trip 4) attending inter-agency meetings communicating your relationship with the CIA to persons without a need to know; 5) allowing your spouse to write an Op-ed in the New York Times about that CIA trip; 6) after finding out that a journalist has discovered your identity, calling your boss just to let him know as if it's a minor inconvenience; 7) posing for pictures in a magazine without regard for the safety for colleagues who may be compromised by your exposure.

2. the possession of a relationship to an intelligence agency that is not general knowledge, but is easily ascertainable with minimum research.
Her covertiness was quickly exposed by behaviors that no actual covert person would possibly contemplate.
by hit and run October 18, 2007
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