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An IV-administered dose of a prescription-strength medicine designed to temporarily relieve the intense and deeply-rooted "itch" of a "loose" female who would otherwise feel unable to resist the urge to offer her services as a paid escort to members of the upper-crust. Depending on the particular woman and the acuteness of her lustful feelings, her finances/lifestyle, and the specific aspects of her environmental surroundings (i.e., how many temptations she encounters on a daily basis), this powerfully-medicated shot may need to be re-administered frequently, up to several times per week.
Social worker: So how are you feeling today?
Unemployed hottie: Oh, horny as heck --- I'm thinking of applying for a part-time job at Lacy Ladies Escort Service!
Social worker (rolling eyes): Hoooo, boy --- here we go again! Looks like somebody's long overdue for another courtesan injection!
by QuacksO August 28, 2017
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