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1. one who faps to girls while they sleep; a Count Fapula is characterized by bags under the eyes

2. a lecherous sub-human that faps by night, stealing precious l'eau de fap from victims
"Say, Suzanne, what's all this ectoplasmic goo on my sleeping bag?"

"Well Suzanne, it looks like you got a little visit from a Count Fapula"
by Sr.Crumplecakes October 25, 2009
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When you empty a full box of count chocula in to a womens ass hole then cum in her asshole like its milk, after that you have her shit it out and BAM you have ceareal with milk.
Dude I totally got Count Fapula from my girl last night.
by EuL0Gy December 08, 2008
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