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Young man who is obessesed or has a mental condition relating to his sexual attraction to women who are 35+.
Joe knew he was a cougarphile after meeting the female members of the PTO.
by Grant Tucker April 03, 2008
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a sexual predator that's speciality is older women who have a glint in their eye, ie a cougar.
This individual, a cougarphile would have a high sex drive and be mostly interested in older sexually driven people.
He or She would list their interests as Cougarphilia on social media and can be seen around bingo halls looking for action.
Cougarphilia a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to cougars
My mate Mitchell is so obsessed with older married women, exclusively! When I sent him to the doctor Phil he classed him as a cougarphile
by jadecougarwhite May 04, 2018
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