a dumb elf, as coined in the movie "Elf"
"i'm nothing but a cottonheaded ninnymuggins"
by dfg January 6, 2004
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A bafoon; someone who makes a simple mistake or falls for a childish gesture. A fool of sorts.
"Im such a cottonheaded Ninnymuggins for not realizing that!"
by TheWillBird September 4, 2018
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Reference to the movie "Elf"

meaning; annoyance, party pooper

A silly way to tell someone they are being petty, or of slight annoyance

In the ways of the elf, an impolite, rude, insulting term to describe someone rebellious, or with bad behavior
Aw, C'mon don't be such a cottonheaded-ninnymuggins!
by czecsnut January 22, 2019
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